Elijah Muhammad himself would have never claimed to be ADOS because he never identified as being an American. His goal was to build an independent nation for Black people precisely because he rejected America. He also did not divide people based on lineage. The NOI as an organization is open to all Black people, which is why so many prominent NOI members have been from the Caribbean or have Caribbean ancestry. Elijah Muhammad himself was a member of the UNIA, which was led by the Jamaican Marcus Garvey. So the attempt to claim Elijah Muhammad as ADOS is curious to me since Elijah Muhammad differed greatly with what Yvette Carnell, Antonio Moore, and others in the ADOS camp have been preaching. And the most important difference is that, as I pointed out, the NOI has produced tangible results. The issue is not so much that I am against ADOS. I just don’t like the fact that people that have not produced even half of what the NOI has produced are trying to diminish the work of the NOI, NCOBRA, and other Pan-African organizations.

Dwayne Wong (Omowale) is a Guyanese born Pan-Africanist, author, and law student.

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