I am not sure where I said it was the white man’s fault. You keep trying to insert white people into discussions that aren’t even about white people. I simply stated the fact about how the issue of burning people alive in West Africa came about. The problem of poor governance in Africa is one that I have been working to help fix for years. For example, Togo, which borders Benin, is a country where I have been assisting the struggle against dictatorship. So again, you are so “ideologically possessed” that you are forming prejudicial views about me, despite the fact that you don’t even know anything about me or the work I do for Africa.

Richard Spencer gives Nazi salutes and has openly expresses admiration for the founder of the American Nazi Party. Moreover, his United the Right rally included Neo-Nazis, so his ideological views are directly influenced by Nazism. If I start organizing rallies with black supremacist organizations then I could understand why you would make such a comparison, but you are really reaching here trying to compare me to someone who openly admires and associates with Nazis.

As for want I want, you are not even in a position to speak about what I want for African people because you know nothing about me beyond the prejudicial views that you have made up in your head. I already cited Malcolm X and Walter Rodney as examples of the Pan-Africanism ideology that I preach. Malcolm renounced racial separatism and Rodney never preached racial separatism. If Umar Johnson is the only Pan-Africanist that you know about then I can understand why you equate Pan-Africanism with racism, but Umar is actually a fringe element within Pan-Africanism. Pan-Africanism generally is not a racist ideology. So I would suggest you study the history of Pan-Africanism in more detail before you form judgments based on ignorance.

You are being emotional again. There is a real material difference between myself and Richard Spencer. I mean, we can start with the fact that Spencer’s views are so offensive that he has been banned on Facebook. Where have I ever been banned on a public platform for expressing racist views? So it probably makes you feel more self-righteous or moral to equate me to Richard Spencer, but what does that actually mean in terms of the real world impact that we have? Now if you wanted to argue that Louis Farrakhan was the black version of Richard Spencer I could more so understand that argument, but so far you have failed to draw a real connection between my views and what Richard Spencer preaches.

If you admit that I am more knowledgeable on African history then what is your issue? This article is a historical article responding to Africans in the diaspora who were suggesting that Africans on the continent should have rescued us during slavery. If you don’t know this history and have nothing of substance to contribute to the discussion then keep out of it, but why do you feel the need to insert yourself in a topic you know little about and make prejudicial remarks about someone you know little about? You were accusing me earlier of having a victimhood mentality, but I think it says a lot about you that you inserted yourself into a discussion that was not about white people and you keep trying to make it about white people.

Dwayne Wong (Omowale) is a Guyanese born Pan-Africanist, author, and law student.

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