The thing is that you are reading into Moore’s words. Moore himself never explained what he meant by “chattel slavery” versus “plantation slavery”. Trying to draw such a distinction makes little sense because both chattel and plantation slavery existed in North America and the Caribbean. Moreover, in the South there were many instances where enslaved Africans were worked to death in the cotton plantations as well. They were simply replaced by newly imported Africans. This included buying Africans from the Caribbean and very often the Caribbean was the first stop before Africans were taken to North America. So to say that there was a “fundamental difference” isn’t accurate because Caribbean and North American slavery were part of the same economic system. Slavery in the Caribbean was also very instrumental in building North America’s economy, so much so that when Napoleon lost Haiti he gave up Louisiana as well.

I wrote two articles in which I gave examples of people in the Caribbean criticizing the Caribbean’s strict immigration policies, as well as the divisive rhetoric of Caribbean leaders. I can send those articles to you if you are interested. I can also provide other examples as well. My problem with Tone is that he actually defends CARICOM, which shows how ignorant he is about how the situation in the Caribbean. If he really did his research he would know that Caribbean people have always criticized CARICOM leaders for promoting division among Caribbean people.

Dwayne Wong (Omowale) is a Guyanese born Pan-Africanist, author, and law student.

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